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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Scrap Pages that I have done

Here are some layouts that I have done. I have them posted on Facebook and scrapbook.com and have been meaning to post them here. I love scrapping it is so much fun and love taking classes to teach me new things! Anyways here are some pages and a little about each page! I will try and post more pictures soon of more work that I have done however i must have deleted them off of my camera (doesn't surprise me I re-pail technology).

This is from the great movie ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios. I am a huge Wizard of Oz FREAK!!! You can only imagine my excitement when this part came up on the ride...God bless my husband.

These two were from the stingray's hockey game. It was just a few days before St. Patty's day so they died the ice green. It was way totally cool. They also had colored beer as well. Super fun because they won their game that day!! GO RAYS!

Ok sorry its sideways still trying to figure that out here on the blog thingy. Any who this is my dads fathers day gift. For anyone who knows me they know that I am always trying to get them to cry. Let me clarify, by cry I mean mushy happy tears. I think I will accomplish this but we shall see. The wording is from Butterfly Kisses which is the song that we danced to. Then on the other page is a little note that says i love you daddy.


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